Songs of the Untethered Soul

Four Decades of Inspired Songs and a Special Spiritual Connection

One of the most beautiful ways to express the heart is through music. When the heart is allowed to open and pour itself into song, we can actually transcend ourselves. This beautiful expression of the soul’s longing to be free is the origin of each song in this album. During the course of forty years of inner work, these songs welled up within my heart and weaved their way out into this world. When others heard me singing, they would often join in, creating the tremendous power of hearts in harmony.

Over thirty years ago, one of those present was a fifteen year old girl who used to accompany her mother to Sunday services at my place. The girl grew up, moved out West, and devoted her life and beautiful voice to creating and sharing spiritual music. Her name is Kathy Zavada. Recently, she contacted me and asked if she could record one of my songs for an album she was doing. When I heard the beauty of what she had created from that song, I asked if she would like to work on an album devoted to songs I had written over the years. The result, Songs of the Untethered Soul, is an album with both a rich history and a very deep story to tell.

Michael A. Singer, November 2013