Songs of the Untethered Soul

Songs of the Untethered Soul takes us on the soul’s journey from the personal to the Universal. In the opening song, “Who Lights the Stars,” the awakening consciousness is beginning to appreciate the magnificence of the Universe. This appreciation grows into a spiritual connection experienced as a beautiful, spontaneous flow within the heart—but you can’t stay there because the pull of the mind is too strong. “When May I Live in the Love of My Heart” shows the longing to go beyond the personal mind, “Far, Far Beyond” into that land beyond your dreams.

As the mind starts to quiet, the heart begins to open. “When My Mind Becomes Still” expresses what it’s like to dwell in that stillness. In the song “Going Home,” you finally realize that true contentment can only be found by always dwelling deep within, even in the midst of life. But that state of perpetual peace seems so unreachable—‘til you hear a faint voice, like the Universe singing back to you. As you make out the words, “If You Knew How Much I Love You,” your heart begins to melt, and you realize you don’t have to do this alone. There is a love that will lift you up into it—if you will just let go.

You yearn to be free, yet you feel so helpless. From the depths of your being you cry out, “What More Can I Offer?” I’ve already given everything! Finally, stripped of all identification with the personal, you find yourself standing face to face with the Universal. You call out, “By What Name Shall I Call Thee,” but your heart intercedes with the only name that has meaning—My Beloved. Then it is over. When your heart can hold the entire Universe, the entire Universe will hold your heart.

Michael A. Singer, author of The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself